Maggie Brookes:

"Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can"

Love my tulips from @tgs1611
Time to get reading… #commlead #commics
Shoe-binge paying off #shoelove #PaylessShoes #springtime
I heal your wound like I healed the nation. 
Tim’s finger is all better now.
Tim trying out the Double Mountain Black Irish Stout in Hood River.
Over 80% of mobile service bills in the US are over $60. Let’s change that together. #Solavei #MsgMeToLearnMore
Giant spider.

Rosemary presents the beauty in doing just one thing at a time. #commlead

Saturday morning breakfast… Yummm

Not Just for Profit

Not Just for Profit- Reflections after hearing Steve Butcher talk on giving back #commlead

I loved hearing Steve Butcher from Brown Paper Ticketstalk this past Saturday. The whole concept of “Not just for profit” is simple yet revolutionary. I was astounded to hear about his road trips across the country to theaters and small locations where he simply offers his assistance with a show or repairs and then eventually will talk to them about Brown Paper Tickets, but only if it feels…

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